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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. a b.a.r.t. train derailment in the east bay leaves some commuters stranded and b.a.r.t. workers to fix the damaged tracks. tonight, promises to get those tracks up and running, they've yet to be met with the cause of the accident still under investigation. last night's derailment led to major delays at the concord station. no passengers were on board. work continues tonight to repair those tracks that were damaged. train service to the concord, north concord, and pittsburgh bay stations have been stopped. everybody wants to know will those training are running first
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thing tomorrow morning? >> reporter: the answer we think is yes. she says they are on schedule to restore service by 8 tomorrow morning. earlier today, b.a.r.t. used a massive crane to list those trains off the track. since then, b.a.r.t. has been working to repair significant damage to two sections of main line track and a portion of a 3rd rail in a cross over area off of the lane line. these are the some pictures that show just how bent and mangled the tracks are. the plant is toy are move all of this what happened -- plans are to remove all of the warped metal. >> we'll probably bring those tracks in the end of service this evening. we'll have crews working overnight and our goal is to have our regular normal sunday service which begins at 8 8:00.
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>> reporter: we don't finish those two accidents were caused by -- we don't know if those two accidents are caused by the same problem. b.a.r.t. is conducting an investigation. and b.a.r.t. says they have buses running between here and the north concord station. if by some chance they're unable to complete repair work by 8:00, those buses will keep running. in concord, charles clifford, kron four news. >> you can you go to kron for the latest details in the b.a.r.t. train derailment and the progress for getting trains back on the schedule. >> if you were on the go, download the mobile app. and the dali almi making a special trip in the bay area. on friday, much fan fair from this video. dab ruben was at today's event
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where the dallama was greeted by fan a crowd. >> the man known for preaching conpassion is being accused of -- compassion is a accused of teaching intolerance his holiness is a hot ticket. his soldut event left some supporters gath -- some of his supporters outside. >> the crowd was silent. the dali lami looked at him and allowed him to interrupt the flow and that man's very lucky. >> that man was also in the extreme minority. >> be true to yourself. be true to your mind. be kind to others. what could that be -- what is that about? >> more of the dali lami never got a chance to buy that spare ticket and everyone else was
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held back by abundant security. but for many people who caught a glims of his holiness -- glimpse of his holiness, they spoke like it was the first time his eyes were able to see. >> change your eyes starting with you. he said if every human okay he said we all want to change the world. we can change our own self. >> reporting in san francisco, dan ruben, kron four news. >> the dali lami heads to berkley tomorrow on how to achieve happiness and he'll head to richmond to provide over a blessing center for the tenet an community center -- tebetan center there, and monday he'll discuss the theme of compassion and business at santa clara university. deadly week long protests coming to a halt after the
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impeachment of the country's president. >> reporter: the president was impeached and is no longer in power. >> with that news, more than 500 ukrainians gathered at san francisco city hall on saturday for an event to support the protests and the you crane. the fast moving event from the last couple days meant the demonstration could go beyond mourning the more than 100 civilian deaths that have occurred in kiev. >> it is a bittersweet moment in that we are creating a partial victory, inning that we got the bloody president out, but we're sad for the people who lost their lives. we're combining our sorrow mourning for the people who are victims of this regime with caution and optimism for ukraine. >> she really represents a lot of people in ukraine who want to see a free ukraine where human
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rights are respected, democracy is respected and ukraine can integrate with the rest of the world economically. >> the optimism was tempered by the instability of the political situation that now exists in the ukraine. >> we are also very concerned about putan interference and russian interference, and not supporting her, and the president fleeing. the worst case scenario if the country were broken up and there would be a civil war. elections will be held in may to install a new government. jeff pierce, kron four news. >> the president has no plans to resign despite the mas protest. he's fled the capital city, but says he'll stay in the country. >> i'm not trying to leave the country. i'm not going to resign. >> protesters say they have taken control of kiev, including
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all government buildings. the protest began after ukraine's president rejected a trade deal with the european union in favor of closer ties with russia. lots of sunshine and warm temperatures with highs making it into the low to mid-70s well above average all the way up to 74 degrees in antioch today. we had 70s into the south bay, 70 for oakland, 73 degrees san raphael, and she's temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees above average. we have a nice day shaping up for tomorrow, although a little bit cooler. not quite as warm as what we saw today. san francisco will have those clouds for tomorrow morning to start out the day, and it's to go through the morning around 10:00, then we'll see sunshine and look for temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s perhaps the low 70s. i'll talk about some rain on the way next week. that's coming up. and coming up, later at
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11:00, new tonight, a search is on for a gunman responsible for a bay area bank robbery. plus, miley cyrus is bringing her controversial concert to the bay area. we'll take a sneak peak at the bangers tour and what parents are saying about it, and why a deadly treat against dogs is resurfacing in one neighborhood.
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shop at ♪ . san francisco police are warning people about poisonous meatballs containing rat poison were found hitten in bashes near crest line -- hidden in bushes near crest line and hart ridge driver. the second time they've been discovered. police recommend keeping dogs on a leash until all the poison meet has been recovered. the drought could change the way you shop. the effect water restrictions could have on produce, and changes to help the blind all
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thanks to a 10-year-old boy. good. good answer.
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rethink possible. . ever gotten frustrated trying to find a single item? imagine how tough that same task can be for somebody who's blind. we'll report a 10-year-old boy has a vision for blind shoppers. >> 10-year-old gosh what goldenburg has been blind since birth and has been reading
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braille since two. one day during a grocery store trip, joshua was trying to find aaa batteries, then he noticed there were no trail labels on anything. he asked -- no braille labels on anything, and he asked his mother. that one conversation kicked off joshua's personal mission to bring braille to the entire world. he says he wants blind people to be able to walk into any store andt they need just like everybody else. >> so when they come in they don't have to wait 45 minutes for assistance. they could just go by themselves and get what they want. >> with the help of his parents, jo what convince joshua convinced whole foods to add braille to their stores, so far, five stores have signed up including this in fremont. the project uses donations to pay for the upon grades.
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his father says the project exceeded everyone's expectations and he believes his son is helping create a world where braille is commonplace. >> he knows when he's 18 years old, please going to be braille all over the place so he can do this by himself. >> your goal is to do what? >> braille the whole entire world and target and all the planets and the sun and stars and pluto. sonoma county sheriff's looking for a robbery suspect. you're looking at a picture. the suspect from surveillance footage, officials say the robbery happened friday afternoon at the west america bank on arnold drive. police are hoping somebody will recognize the suspect. he's six feet tall in his mid-to late 20s with blondish hair.
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and this man, denmark copeland agreed to meet a man. when the seller, copeland pulled out a gun and demanded the cell phone. when they arrested copeland, he was carrying evidence connecting him to that crime. more than 2,000 university of california employees plan a five-day strike after failing to come to terms with the uc system over wages and staffing. union members protested today outside a university event in san francisco. >> we are 21,000 workers that the university california and we're struggling for a contract that's going to protect our members but also the people we serve, the patience and the community. in california, farmers are facing a drubt diz a aster that could -- are facing a drought
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disaster that could effect the entire country. >> the drought that is plaguing california, and the food supply could get a whole lot worse. friday it said it will not plan any irrigation water to central valley farmers and omit only 50% to surrounding -- and only 50% to sururban areas. >> our rain is depleted. >> this farmer a week ago gave president obama a tour of a central valley operation. he grows almonds, spinach, cherries, and cantaloupe. without the federal help, california growers may have to leave a lot of land unproductive. >> there's going to be a lot of crop reduction and a lot of food loss, a lot of jobs lost. >> with more than 90% of the state in severe drought conditions, there could be a big impact at your grocery store check outline. the there are 80,000 farms in california.
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more crops are grown there than anyplace in the country. it produces nearly half of u.s. grown fruits, nuts, and vegetables. this drought could raise your produce prices 10% over the next few months. but mother nature could come to the rescue rain is not forecast for california next week and farmers say every drop will make a difference. >> will they capture that water? you know, and bring it -- bring it to the storage, because if they don't, if they keep the pumps shut off, that water's going to go out to the ocean. we have some relieve next week, coming down the pike, wednesday and friday, two storms back to back will help but not get ritd of it. just not enough -- rid of it. just not enough rain. sfo, mostly clear skies, a layer of fog trying to make its way into the bay for tonight. we'll see a little bit of that cloudiness, but it will be a
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mostly sunny day at the storm track, it's still to the north. we have nice weather for sunday. this storm looks ominous. it's going up into the pacific northwest. however there is a system departing the coast of japan headed toward the pacific. it arrives wednesday and that'll bring in the chance for some rain. this first storm will be not as strong as the second one, but still rainfall totals possibly a quarter inch to an inch with steady rain wednesday afternoon along with some gusty winds. we get a break thursday and the second storm arrives. this is really the strong one. rain friday, could be heavy at times. strong winds, possibly up and over 40 miles per hour. and rainfall totals that could be impressive on the order of 1 to 3-inches, 5 to maybe 6 inches on the higher elevations of the day. now tomorrow, clouds in the morning. 30s east bay, 40s by the bay,
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and very nice temperatures into the mid-to-upper 60s, close to 70 degrees for antilock and here's a look ahead at the wet week coming -- for antioch, and week see increasing clouds tuesday. the chance for steady rain wednesday afternoon and evening, then a break for thursday with clouds and sun sideline. storm number 2 for friday with periods of heavy rain, cooler temperatures, some showers sticking around into the weekend. vicky. miley cyrus is taking a lot of heat over what some parents are dubbing over what some call, quote, a porn show. next week, cyrus is bringing her provocative performance to oakland and san jose. >> get ready, bay area. miley cyrus is coming, and she's a far cry from the independent teen innocent team we know. bay area parents say their kids will have no part of it. >> what she's doing is so sexual
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that it's just too much for young people to see. >> riding a giant hotdog and gyrating on top of an suv are just two of the controversial parts of the show which features a parental advisory sign. >> she is not a good role model anymore. >> so at one point she was? >> when she was with disne -- disney, she was a good role model. >> she's gone off her rocker. >> stub hub says her concert is selling well in oakland with 700 tickets, compared to phoenix, which has more than 1,400 tickets available. >> on i remember seeing her as a cute little girl and now a woman who is like on -- i mean out of control. >> miley's concert promotor live nation is disputing reports that the tour is in trouble saying, quote, there's no truth whatsoever to any stories or
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rumors of venues pulling out of of the bangers tour. tickets to tuesday night show are selling for as low as $43. just two months ago, those tickets were over $200. in oakland, kron four news. >> warriors are minus some key players tonight but can they pull out a win any way? we've got hoops at home. sports next. and the next -- kron four special is all about dogs. we'll take you behind the scenes of the golden gate kennel club 2014 dog show hosted by warrant grant lotus and grant waldmon coming up. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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ann coming up. now to coverage of the winter o limpecks in sochi -- winter olympics in sochi. it was a disappointing day after the americans failed to take home a bronze medal. and ted ligite skied off course.
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. russia leads with 29, united states is in second with 27, and norway is in 3rd with 26 medals. now local sports, the golden state warriors short two players against the brooklyn nets tonight. that didn't seem to stop them. andrew bogut not playing because of health issues but the warriors won any way. 93-86. it is the 3rd straight victory since the all star break. we're going to get a break? there's rain in our future? >> that's an under statement. starting wednesday, steady rain going into wednesday afternoon, a second storm for friday. in the meantime, a nice day to wrap up the weekend for tomorrow with sunshine, high temperatures mid-to-upper 60s. another nice day for monday also. >> all right. rain, music to all our ears. that's it for us at 11:00. stay connected with kron 4 and get the latest at kron or
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download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning, good night everybody. ♪
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caught! the guy accused of groping the "modern family" star. here he is. and it's happened to her, too. >> i've been groped, i've been pinched. a. then, your salt or your life. >> put it in the truck! >> can you believe people are getting robbed although gun point for rock salt. >> and joan rivers' message for jay leno, speaking out after her 30-year "tonight show" ban is lifted. >> to jay! >> plus, devil be gone. >> you will bow down and worship me. >> the satan who was a dead ringer for president obama. >> why he is been exercised from the new movie. and, exclusive, girl on the edge. how she sneaked into one of the nation's most iconic buildings to take


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